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Postby Kent Benson » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:16 am

Kent Benson wrote:I've only had the pleasure of meeting one of your relatives (Rupert, in Minneapolis a couple months ago). I've read that most of the Symingtons at SFE are cousins. Could you give us a rundown on how each is related to you (Charles, Rupert, Peter, Johnny, Paul, am I missing anyone?)?

With a little searching, I was able to answer my own question. Paul and Dominic are brothers, Clare and Rupert are siblings, and they are all cousins of Johnny and Charles, who are in turn cousins of each other. Here's a family tree:

The quality is not very good, but it's readable.
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Postby Roy Hersh     » Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:10 pm

This has been an extraordinary week of Q&A on :ftlop:'s Forum and our sincere thanks to Dominic Symington for sharing his knowledge and providing such brilliant insight for all of us to savor. Dom's detailed responses to a wide variety of topics and the time he devoted to answering a record number of our questions is truly appreciated!

Thank you Dominic, this will make for great reading for many years to come!

:NotWorthy: :NotWorthy: :NotWorthy:

Sincere thanks to all that came to read here this week, but especially to everyone that went out of their way to participate too! [cheers.gif]
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