Info from the AEVP

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Info from the AEVP

Postby Roy Hersh     » Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:22 pm

The Douro Demarcated Region has:
• 250 000 hectares (ha) of total area
• 44 000 ha of Vineyard -> 20% of the vineyards of Portugal
• 39 600 ha of Vineyard entitled to PDO Douro
• 32 000 ha of Vineyard entitled to PDO Porto
• 24 000 producers
• Production -> 1.4 million hl -> 23% of Portugal (6.2m hl)

It’s the 1st Wine Production Region in Portugal

Sales of Wines with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) from the Douro Demarcated Region are:
• €510.7 million of Trade
• €359.9 million of Exports
• 76% of Portuguese Wine Exports with PDO
• 63% of Portuguese Wine Exports with PDO and PGI
• 50% of Portuguese Wine Exports

The Association of Port Wine Companies - AEVP - is a private non-profit organization, established since January 1975, with headquarters in Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal.
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