Roy’s Vintage Forecasts

Announcing a new FTLOP Site feature: all of Roy's Vintage Forecasts now available as downloadable PDF documents.

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Adegga Wine Market Comes to Porto

The Adegga Wine Market came to Porto this weekend, and featured, of course, some extraordinary Port Wines in the Premium Room.

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Roy’s Top Dozen Ports Tasted in 2013

In 19 years of tasting and enjoying wine, Roy came across only three wines that merited 100 point scores. Then one night in 2013 he tasted three! Here's his list of the top 12 Ports tasted in 2013 and a bit of the backstory on one of them.

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An Affair to Remember: 1851 – 1994

A group of close friends decided to enjoy some sensational old Vintage Ports on a special occasion and invited Roy to join them. Extraordinary wines, memories and new friendships.

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Great Tasting Of The Vintage 1978

Swedish Port lover Sten-Anders Ivarsson´s article focuses on a comprehensive tasting of thirty Vintage Ports from the unheralded, but very solid year of 1978.

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Impact of the 2011 Vintage Declaration

Roy Hersh asked the Port Trade about the impact of a generally declared Vintage on their companies, and also invited them to compare 2011 to earlier vintages. Seventeen of the most respected names in the business replied.

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Thirty Years Hence: 1983 Vintage Ports

Maybe not an extraordinary vintage, but a consistently high quality one: Roy's detailed notes from a tasting of nineteen 1983 Ports at 30 years of age, with additional content from Glenn Elliott.

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Guess The Vintage #2

How well do you know your Vintages? Guest author Alex Bridgeman challenges you to identify a Vintage Port based on the current events of the Vintage year - including some fabulous period photo cues!

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How to Defeat Corkiness of Cockburn’s 1983 Vintage Port

Roy offers advice - based on extensive experience - for decanting the Cockburn's 1983 Vintage Port, which can be outstanding when handled correctly.

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Dow’s “Magnathon” Tasting

Guest Author Andy Velebil reports from a truly epic tasting in London: six Magnums of Dow's, a Magnum of Warre's, a few more Port treats and a steak and fries too.

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