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Three Good Reasons to Drink Reserve Ruby Port

Roy Hersh outlines three good reasons for enjoying Reserve Ruby Port, regardless of your level of wine knowledge or discretionary income.

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Correia’s Musings: Five Regions Tour 2016

Roy’s Note: We are grateful to be able to include the written work of Fernando Correia who joined our staff a year ago and has done a marvelous job in providing compelling content for our blog. In the middle of August, Fernando’s wife Sandra gave birth to their first child, a son, Eduardo and we [...]

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How to Organize a Port Tasting Club

Article and photos by John Musnuff © August 2016   So you find yourself enjoying Port — maybe with a few friends, but feel uneducated. A Port Tasting Club can do a lot to acquaint you and it is not hard to form a tasting group in your area with some thought, planning and determination. [...]

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2015 FTLOP Port Harvest Tour

  Part 1 - From Porto to the Douro Article and photos by Stewart Todd (c) August 2016 The wheels touched down on a Saturday morning at Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport, better known as Porto International Airport. I watched out the window of the plane as we taxied up to the terminal, which was originally [...]

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The IDVP’s Seal of Guarantee

The history and significance of the selo de garantia, or "Seal of Guarantee" on every bottle of Port and Douro DOC wine.

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American Wine Journalist Inducted Into Prestigious Madeira Wine Brotherhood

240 Years Later, Madeira Celebrates America’s Independence Again by Honoring US Madeira Wine Experts Immediately after declaring their independence from Great Britain in July of 1776, the members of the Continental Congress toasted each other with glasses of Madeira. The fortified wine, produced on the Island of Madeira and a favorite of our forefathers, has [...]

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Wine & Dine with Quevedo and Friends

Life has a strange way of making us put things into perspective. Who would imagine I would be writing this post over the Atlantic Ocean, on another flight to San Francisco? I certainly wouldn´t, if you had asked me one year ago. And yet, here I am, writing this text after a long silence. One [...]

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António Agrellos: Maker of Treasures

  In Japan, the art of sword making is revered as a sacred art. So much so that the best swords ever made are considered national treasures and cannot leave national territory. One could argue that Port wine should be treated equally. However, depriving the rest of the world from its liquid splendor would be [...]

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João Nicolau de Almeida, the Man Who Reshaped the Douro

“You look typical Alencar! Fit for the drawing and for the statue!” Translated from “Os Maias”, by Eça de Queirós It was a cold and rainy morning, one of those that lend itself to introspection and to putting life into perspective. His smile, though, was warm and welcoming. And could it be any different? For [...]

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On Fish and Wine

Portugal has always been a country of fisherman and sailors. Being the westernmost country in Europe, and with an extensive coast, the sea has always been our companion. We have crossed oceans and time to unveil its secrets. We have had our skins darkened and hardened by the sun and salt. We have fought and [...]

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