Guess The Vintage #2

How well do you know your Vintages? Guest author Alex Bridgeman challenges you to identify a Vintage Port based on the current events of the Vintage year - including some fabulous period photo cues!

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Guess The Vintage

How can you guess the Vintage without tasting the wine? Easy: guest author Alex Bridgeman gives you the current events clues.

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The First Big Fortified Tasting in London

Guest author Alex Bridgman reports from London on the first Big Fortified Tasting, a new wine fair devoted exclusively to fortified wines from around the world.

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Quinta do Noval Tasting

Guest author Alex Bridgeman writes of a London tasting of Quinta do Noval Vintage Ports hosted by Christian Seeley, which paired the Quinta and Nacional Vintages side by side.

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Port ‘n Spa Weekend in London

Guest Authors Alex Bridgeman and Derek Turnbull collaborate on a Vintage Port tasting featuring top names - and one South African fortified wringer.