Back in the Seattle again

I have been away from home since the end of Labor Day weekend with the exception of two days prior to my three weeks in Portugal, the UK and NYC.

I am typing this from the direct flight back home and I honestly can't wait to kiss and hug my wife and daughter at the airport and then finally arrive at our home later this evening. It has been a really long time away from them and although I had a ton of fun, I am so ready to be back home with my loved ones.

I've consumed the equivalent of a normal person's half year of table and fortified wines in the past three weeks alone (with over 300 tasting notes taken). I only have three things in mind: Spend as much time with my wife and daughter as possible Get myself back to the gym and working out in earnest, as I had been prior to the Fair. Devote time for my writing which I truly miss. You will see my Blog, the Profiles in Port section of the website, PORTtaits and lots of focus on the Forum as well as the upcoming newsletter.

I am looking forward to re-connecting with my writing roots and will even take my computer in for a tune up this week. There is so much Port, Madeira and Douro wine news to write about, now I will finally have the time to devote to this … so look out FTLOP!

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