2012 Fortification Tour – Part 1

A visit to Krohn's lodges in Gaia and a tasting of their extraordinary Ports, a quinta visit and three different fabulous meals and their accompanying wines - and that was just the first 36 hours of the 2012 Fortification Tour.

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A Casual Wine & Dine

Casual outdoor dining with good food and wine... and interesting wine pairing. What Douro wine would you have with barbecued baby back ribs?

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The End of a Union

Bittersweet account of an outstanding restaurant meal, the night the restaurant closed.

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Sandra Marques Visits Seattle

What food and wine do you serve in your own home to a Portuguese wine professional?

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Le Gavroche

Six courses in a top restaurant, a dozen good wines (and one wringer) and good friends.

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Barbeito and Food Pairing Tasting

Tom Riley Murnan writes about the food pairing between 12 historic Madeiras hand chosen by Mannie Berk of The Rare Wine Co. and the dishes prepared to accompany them by Chef Michael Tusk of San Francisco's Quince Restaurant.

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Celebrating My Brother’s 50th

A Fiftieth birthday celebration calls for suitably decadent food and wine: vintage Champagne, fine old Burgundies and Bordeaux, and a 1908 Madeira.

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At Home with Sophia Bergqvist

An eclectic, global menu with some interesting wine pairings for a well-travelled Douro wine producer and her importer.

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White Port & Veal Sweetbread

Guest Author Frederick Blais shares his recipe for Veal Sweetbreads with a White Port sauce - which, by the way, he also recommends over ice cream.

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Birthday Weekend of Wine

It took 3 nights and 23 bottles of wine, but Roy finally got his birthday fully celebrated.

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