2010 Fortification Tour Video Highlights

As you know, we returned from Portugal about three weeks ago.  It was great to have FTLOP’s Stewart Todd along for the Fortification Tour, as I had been coaxing him for a couple of years to join us and experience the island of Madeira which rivals the beauty of the Douro.  Stewart of course is the technical inspiration behind FTLOP and has provided a great deal of his time and effort since 2005, to make this the best Port-centric website in the world.

During our recent trip, Stewart took lots of video footage and has included two of his works in this month’s newsletter.  One you will see later on, when getting to the Personalities in Port segment.  But instead of making a Port website recommendation, I suggested to Stewart that it would be great if he would share a cross-section of our tour for all to see here.  Below is a link to a highlights reel Stewart put together from the 2010 FTLOP Fortification Tour. Moving forward, video presentations will have a greater presence here in the newsletter, as I know people would rather watch a 5 minute video than read 10 pages of writing.

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