Cruising Along

It has been a fun wine week with some esoteric Port and Madeira consumed. After more than a year since my last real vacation with the family (to Disney) we are heading for a week long Caribbean cruise, which will be our first time doing so.  Although I am not excited to be on a boat with over 4,000 others, everyone tells me, "you're going to love it."  So I am keeping an open mind.  My brother and his family will be there too, so I am very excited to watch our daughters (four, five and nearly seven years old) all playing together on the beaches at various ports of call.  My mother turns 75 and she will be with us for this great celebration.

Considering we've not had two sunny days back to back in about five weeks (and I was in Portugal at that point) I can't wait to see that yellow orb in the sky and have some semblance of late Spring weather.  The bleak gray clouds wear on your spirit after awhile and my only way to combat that is to head to the gym to remain sane.

I hope you will all have some fine bottles of Port and Madeira ... Douro wines too, in my absence!

I am not sure about my computer access on board, so I'll just have to wait and see.  Otherwise, hold down the fort until I return.  Thanks!

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