Durand Cork Extractor

For Port lovers who understand the difficulty in removing ancient corks in one piece, the Durand Cork Extractor is the answer

I use mine all the time! Not just for near-impossible old Port corks, but on Bordeaux, old Cali Cabs, funky old Spanish white wine corks, whatever. For the cost of a bottle of Port, it is a no-brainer. No more having stubborn or tainted corks being pushed or crumbling into the bottle and making contact with your prized wine. I have had great success with this simple-to-use, combo corkscrew and Ah-so, that is The Durand. Someone has finally built “the better mousetrap” for serious wine enthusiasts.

For those that have never seen this before, visit the Durand website for this extraordinary new device.If you’d rather see The Durand in action, have a look at this short video:

As a bonus, for the rest of 2010, they’re offering free domestic shipping and $10 overseas shipping!  Great for holiday gift giving!

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