What is Single Quinta Vintage Port (SQVP)?

/What is Single Quinta Vintage Port (SQVP)?

What is Single Quinta Vintage Port (SQVP)?

SQVP’s are a variation on a Vintage Port theme; however, the main difference is that SQVP’s only use the grapes from one specific property. Since the mid-1990’s this category has grown exponentially in popularity, as small grape growers decided to produce Ports under the name of their own wine estate (or Quinta) rather than sell their best grapes to larger Port companies. This movement has dramatically changed the landscape of the Douro and opened the door for many family run wine farms to convert from being growers to shippers. A few excellent examples to seek out are: Quinta do Portal, Quinta do Vale Dona Maria and Quinta do Tedo.

Additionally, whereas “classic” Vintage Port is produced on average, three times per decade, Single Quintas can produce Vintage Ports whenever they feel they have enough quality grapes to bottle from a single harvest. It is not uncommon to see SQVPs produced in consecutive vintages. Additionally many Single Quintas are now “hedging their bets” by producing DOC Douro table wines as well, reducing their reliance on Port wine in order to maintain financially viable. SQVPs are usually quite a bit less expensive than the “classic” Vintage Ports and many Port enthusiasts have started to collect them in earnest. Some believe the SQVPs tend to mature earlier than “classic” Vintage Ports and therefore drink them at 10-20 years old, while the traditional Vintage Ports continue to age in their cellars.

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