It Was the Best of Times

Only 36 hours are left before American's go to the poll and vote for our next President.

It is time for a change and regardless of who becomes the next leader of our country, the good news is … the current Bush will soon be gone. No more preaching fear and hate. Neither candidate stands for that, so I can't wait for Jan. 20th and watching one of these men being sworn in.

It is an exciting time and this has been the most protracted and negative run up to a Presidential election in my lifetime, yet there was no shortage of drama. In the midst of things we've undergone insane levels of oil pricing ($140/barrel) and then the ensuing crash, and the worst financial crisis in nearly 80 years. Then came the contentious campaign debates and constant attacks by each candidate on the other and the complicit media; hanging on and willing to print every word, regardless of any veracity.

Yet with all this going on, I can only feel positive about the new direction our country will take. I am so sick and tired of Democrats blaming Republicans, Red vs. Blue and vice versa of course … why can't we all just get along? Will our next President be able to bring America back to acting like the UNITED States? Can we put aside our differences and have Congress work for us, for a change? I am ready to see the country gel instead of constantly being manipulated and divided by the politicos … and I do mean both sides of the aisle … we need to get back to being that nation that the world can trust and depend on.

I have just seen the Nov. FTLOP newsletter and it will be in your mailboxes tomorrow and I am proud of this one, with some great features. Tomorrow I get to start on the December issue and have it ready by the end of this month. I love writing about Port, Madeira and Douro wines and hope it shows in my simple crafting of words.

Yesterday I had a nice break in the action as Ben Smith of Cadence Winery had an open house to present his lineup of four great blends from the 2006 vintage. He is making some of the most exciting wines coming out of WA State and has kept his pricing in check too. I've been drinking his single vineyard designated Bordeaux blends for six years now and even in not so great years (like 2006) Ben seems to be able to choose the best grapes, but it is his blending skills and innate sense of what he is trying to achieve with the structure and flavor of his wine, that makes Cadence so darn good. It was a treat to drink some really fine Washington State wine, for the first time in quite awhile.

As of tomorrow though, it will be back to Port, as I have a cask sample of 2006 Quinta do Vesuvio to evaluate over the next several days. I had a glimpse of this, with a few ounces in my glass while at Vesuvio last month. But I really need more than that, two or three days to see how it comes out of the starting gate, what transpires as it blooms within the decanter and how it ultimately drinks. I have a nice lineup of Port and Madeira to drink and write about prior to Thanksgiving and am looking forward to that most pleasurable of "chores. "

Additionally, one of my tasting groups met last week and we made our way through a number of Pinot Noirs from Oregon and California. I have another one next week, in which we will be tasting some fine Champagne just a few days after the election, so this will be a fun way to celebrate. The following night is a dinner with a vertical tasting of Clos Erasmus, the finest of Priorat producers (Spain) with a group of friends and then two weeks away, a really top end Burgundy tasting. So much wine, so little time. And you thought I only drank Port, right?

No matter if you are a fan of McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden … please USE your Constitutional right and get out there and vote on Tuesday!

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