Life on the Douro Documentary

So why do we keep hyping this documentary? Simply put, because Zev Robinson is a brilliant director, not to mention a meticulous editor of his own films. An entire week can pass by without Zev leaving home, while remaining painstakingly devoted to improving this documentary. Life on the Douro is required viewing for any and all Port lovers and those remotely curious about the Rio Douro Valley and its inhabitants.

Want to watch LIFE ON THE DOURO?

Premier the third trailer right now! As mentioned, Zev has graciously granted FTLOP the privilege of launching part 3; better known as his third youtube production depicting scenes from the dozens of hours of filming he’s done in Portugal in the past year. Robinson’s trailer is captivating in its depth, visuals and sound. When he asked me what I thought of it, my reply was, “Pure genius!” “Love the quick cuts, the common theme ... which is great; the sheer variety of faces shown, and the musical scoring. This is the most compelling and intriguing of the three trailers I've seen. “Bravo!”

So, when can we see the film?

The third trailer is available to anyone who clicks the link at the bottom of this page. However, the full length documentary (approximately 90 minutes in length) will have its World Premier on September 6th 2011, rightfully, shown in Portugal. The inaugural presentation will be held at this year’s Douro Film Harvest, and for those of you who will be in the Douro during this year’s early harvest, I urge you to show up and see the film in its entirety. It’s still too early to tell if it will win any Oscar’s, but I can assure you that at least one Oscar will show up for this screening … Oscar Quevedo.

I can’t make it to the premier, how else can I get to see this film?

Ultimately, Zev hopes that his documentary will gain enough acclaim to be aired on television and shared with a broader audience. Nonetheless, there will be a team effort to present this film in the USA, UK and other important Port markets in Europe -- later this autumn and throughout 2012. In fact, Zev has already lined up dates for showing this film (and another one of his fine wine documentaries, Dinastia Vivanco) at this year’s Paso Robles Film Festival, -- in California wine country -- in mid-November. Additional screenings will take place in Los Angeles, also at UC Davis and San Francisco around the same time frame. Next winter, Zev and friends will focus on the East coast of the USA, then in London, Copenhagen, Vancouver and Germany as well as several other cities which are being considered. Finalized dates will be released soon!

For those of you who would like to obtain either premier ticket opPORTunities or want to screen this at home by pre-ordering a DVD, (shipping is FREE if ordered in the next three weeks) please visit this website:

The Facebook page to join and stay informed about future screenings is:

For all inquiries about the film, please contact: [email protected]


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