Port & Wine Shopping in Oporto

I am frequently asked by readers, "Where do you recommend I go to shop for bottles of Port or Douro wine while visiting in Oporto."

My response has been rather limited to two excellent shops that are within 3 or four blocks of one another, down in the Ribeira district of Porto.  Vinologia is of course the shop where I have purchased the most Port myself, when visiting the city.  But nobody reading here (unless for the first time) will be new to the wonders of Vinologia, the greatest Port bar in the world, which also just so happens to have an expansive selection of Port and Douro wine for sale.  Jean-Phillipe and Goncalo oversee the tastings and sales there and this is a "do not miss" experience when visiting.

Secondly, I always recommend the AVEPOD shop which is closer to the Cais, just down the block in the back alley of the Porto Pestana Hotel.  Maria Teresa is one of the most down to earth and knowledgeable shop keepers I've come across.  She is friendly with so many industry insiders and has the scoop on what's hot and what's not.  Her shop is stocked with Port and Douro wines from the small, typically "way under the radar" family producers ... with excellent provenance.  The prices are very fair and Maria Teresa is both charming and very informative.  Make sure to stop by and mention FTLOP and I am sure she'll then pour you one of the hidden gems!

I am now proud to present a 3rd shop which is also in the same area as the other two shops.  It is not as easy to find, but it is well worth the hunt.  If you walked out the front door of the Pestana Hotel and continued walking towards the bridge along the bank of the Douro, this shop would be buried right in the middle of the block of restaurants and tourist shops.  It does not stand out when you are walking by and if you blink, you'd miss it.

The name of the shop:  Azeitoneira do Porto

The formal address is:  Cais da Ribeira #36

Once inside, you will find a treasure trove of great food and wine.  Shop owner/manager Luis Miguel Faria is a young man probably under 30, but don't let his age deceive you.

In May, when I discovered this great place, Luis started to chat me up while I was looking at his extraordinary array of Ports (unbelievable collection of old and young Colheitas!) and top notch (cults and otherwise) Douro wines.  I figured he took me for another tourist and was going to do a hard sell.  I listened for a few minutes as he made some sound suggestions and then I lobbed a few really tough questions about vintages and producers his way, to see what he'd say.  I was taken by his insights and extraordinary depth of knowledge.  From that moment on, I am a loyal customer!

When participants from the 2009 Fortification Tour and the recent Port Harvest Tour were looking for special bottles of Colheita Port (after a night at Vinologia) ... I walked them to Luis's shop.  In fact, I bought a bottle of 1980 Niepoort there, given the excellent pricing and condition of the bottles and some outstanding Douro-based Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I also buy sea salt there, but they carry everything from the famous Serra de Estrela cheese, to fresh made sausages and presunto etc.  This is a great shop and Luis will take the time to make you feel right at home and explain the food and wines available.  Please mention you've read about this on FTLOP and I am sure that Luis will take good care of you and ensure you leave with a smile.

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