Portugal Bound

Finally! The day has arrived and I am on my way to Portugal. I am so ready to enjoy Portugal again, not just the Ports and Madeira but the food and the people. I don’t feel like I am leaving for a vacation, I feel like I am going home!

It seemed like an eternity with many deadlines before me. I have taken a carry on packed with a few days of clothing so that when the inevitable occurs … like a boy scout, I am going to be prepared this time.

No more waiting three or four days for my lost luggage to show up. In fact, I am leaving a full day early to make sure that what happened last Oct. cannot possibly take place again. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

We have a pretty fantastic itinerary planned and I don’t know which will be more fun this time, the Port side of the tour or the Madeira half. I believe we actually have more Madeira enthusiasts coming with us than Port lovers. There are five men and six women coming along and I am really happy to see that what was once an all male trip is turning to be far more diverse, none of the women are married (not that it matters) and the demographic change is fascinating to watch. I believe we’ll have internet access except while we are up in the Douro, so I plan to keep this Blog a bit more active then it has been in the past week.

I've watched the Euro drop vs. the USA (a full five cents) which is the first time in ages and I watch this as much as I do the Forum.  That means our wine buying should be a bit easier on the wallet!

Please do forgive me for that. I have been fully immersed in launching the 32nd issue of the newsletter and it is a great one for serious Port fans. Nearly 60 Port tasting notes are amongst the features this month. Well, you will be hearing from me within the next 24-48 hours once I am in Porto.

Boa noite!

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