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Each month I receive many emails from Port collectors from around the world who ask stimulating questions. I reply to each and every one of them and recently had a great idea. Since the Port trade reads this newsletter and also our interactive FORUM, it would be great if they could add to our learning.

So every month, I will come up with a question for the members of the Port trade. I would be most appreciative if those in the trade would respond by email and provide their answer to the question (email: Roy  AT  fortheloveofport  DOT  com). If you would prefer to have the contents of the email remain anonymous please just say so. The following month I will publish the responses in a brief article. It is just an experiment at this stage, but here is the first question:

Why did the 1975 Vintage Port get declared?

The majority of Port collectors have read stories in books and articles about the 1975 vintage. The prevailing theory about why that vintage was declared, revolves around the Revolution of 1974 and the fear in the trade that the vineyards (if not their companies) would be nationalized. There are those that think otherwise and it would be great for the members of the trade to provide us with their knowledge of why that specific harvest’s grapes became Vintage Port. I look forward to your emails and hope you will take a few minutes to respond.

Read the replies in our article Why Did The 1975 Vintage Port Get Declared?

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