Quinta da Romaneira

The sheer expanse and natural beauty of Quinta da Romaneira and its prestigious proximity to the tight s-curve in the Rio Douro is unmistakable. With over 1¼ miles of riverfront terrain and eighty five hectares dedicated to grape, there are few properties in the Douro with such exceptional character.

Renowned for its tradition of making superb wood-aged Ports, in recent years, Romaneira has been producing fine LBV and Vintage Ports as well. With Noval’s Christian Seely and Antonio Agrellos now at the helm guiding this property’s viticultural and enological future, the die is cast. Additionally, red, white and rose table wines are produced using the vast old vines and diverse terroir Romaneira is blessed with. Ongoing replanting while maintaining old vines too, provides for a very bright future.

Recently, a brand new and extremely informative website was launched, offering information for consumer and wine professionals alike, in a user friendly, easy-to-navigate platform. From the history of the property to the specific wines and Ports produced, along with technical data sheets for the trade and professional ratings, this is a concise, no-nonsense website designed to present key data points quickly and efficiently. Have a look around and learn more about this rising star of the Douro.


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