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Like a proud papa, after 13 years of publishing articles and newsletters online, my first article appeared in print in the Sommelier Journal magazine.

It is an eight page "Special Report" in the new Sommelier Journal ("The essential guide for wine professionals") magazine's June issue with lots of fun photos.  My article is entitled:  Fit to be Fortified: Ten affordable Ports and Madeiras.  It is aimed at Sommeliers in hotels and restaurants, providing insights into my two favorite dessert wines and proffering tasting notes and suggestions for which ones should be added to their wine lists.

Finally I have something that is in print in a magazine, rather than online.  For some reason, publishers don't take writers seriously unless their content appears in print.  Why in this day and age that remains the status quo is beyond my comprehension.  But so be it.  I can finally say "yes" when asked if I have ever been published.  Even better news is that they've asked me to pen a 2nd article.  I am looking forward to this.

Who knows what comes next ... a book?


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