Symington Family Estates

The timing has worked out perfectly; the Symington group’s marketing department has been very busy with significant modernizations to both of their major websites.  Although the Vintage Port website is still under construction and should be ready very soon, we will do our best to provide details when it is going to re-launch.  The Symington Family Estates website is now ready for prime time.  Well worth the wait, it has some fantastic information for everyone to check out.

The Symington Family Estates website encompasses the full range of vinous thoroughbreds in their stable, from Port to Madeira and Douro DOC wines.  You can learn about all of their brands in each category and find information on their twenty five quinta properties in addition to their “specialized” boutique wineries.  Study the fascinating centuries old history of the Symington ancestors along with their mergers and acquisitions spanning nearly 130 years up to the present day.

The new website offers visitors a treasure trove of information and the option to view the site in English, French and Portuguese which is extremely helpful.  Additionally, it is now the home for their highly regarded Graham’s blog, and also lists the plethora of prestigious Port awards garnered in 2010, forty in all, from the UK alone.  There’s even a brilliantly detailed account of the growing season leading up to and including the 2010 harvest.  For those not familiar with Primum Familiae Vini, it is a group the Symingtons belong to, comprising eleven of the top family-owned wine business in the world and through their link section, you can learn more about their involvement.  It is easy to spend a lot of time exploring this vast site and the information is current, succinct and ready for your perusal:

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