Taylor Fladgate Goes To Space – February 2007

Keeping to its pioneering spirit, Taylor Fladgate decided first-hand to support the initiative of Portuguese entrepreneur Mário Ferreira to visit space. Mário Ferreira will become the first Portuguese tourist to visit space.

With this partnership, Taylor Fladgate is to become the first Port house to launch its wines in outer space.

In existence for over 3 centuries, Taylor Fladgate has accustomed its consumers to a posture of constant innovation and improvement of the quality of its Ports. Port is Portugal’s flagship and most prestigious luxury product. It is one of the world’s great classic wines, renowned in all four corners, and has served as an ambassador for Portugal. Taylor Fladgate is one of the oldest port producers and arguably the most famous, that has constantly contributed to this effect. Taylor Fladgate is present in 64 countries on 5 continents. Founded in 1692, this long established family company has built an unrivalled reputation on its pioneering spirit and its uncompromising dedication to producing the finest quality port. Mário Ferreira is part of a small group of 100 founders of the Virgin Galactic Club. Other members of the Founders Group include Philippe Stark, Morgan Freeman and Victoria Principal. Take-off of Mr. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two is scheduled for late 2008 from the “Spaceport” in New Mexico. The entire trip is due to last two and a half hours. On this flight the Taylor Fladgate Port will be subjected to 3 g force accelerations and then 10 minutes without gravity at an altitude of 360,000 feet (110Km). Because of the complex composition mix of liquid elements, solids and gases, drink this wine in space will surely be an act of ingenuity. After the trip to outer space, the wine will be subject to a study to discover eventual alterations that may have occurred. Taylor Fladgate 2003 Vintage will be the perfect travel companion for Mário Ferreira. Although it has been recently launched in the market, it quick received high scores from the international wine press. This vintage will be at its peak in about 30 years when vacations in space will be a reality and much sough after destination. At that time we will toast (again) to another Taylor Fladgate innovation.

Submitted by: Taylor Fladgate Partnership

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