The Buzz – 2007 VP’s “Generally Declared”

Great news has started to pour in from Portugal as the excitement builds with the news that 2007 Vintage Ports will be declared by the vast majority of Port Shippers & Producers.

It has been four years since the last generally declared vintage. As Port sales have dwindled every year after the 2003's were released in late 2005 and early 2006, there is nothing that could reverse the trend faster or better than a vintage like 2007.

Cooler heads will prevail until these youngsters are actually tasted, nonetheless, one can not ignore the excitement. Although many are doing their best not to over-hype this vintage, there's no question that the pride is showing as the trade knows what they have ready to be bottled. Some have likened the 2007s to 1970, while others refrain from grandiose proclamations this early in the game.

Afterall, en primeur pricing has not yet been firmed up and in fact, in speaking to the IVDP, Vintage Port "approvals" are still in the works for many houses. So let's take a wait and see approach. I am getting very excited for my upcoming trip to get an early glimpse of what these young 2007s have in store for us!

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