ViniPortugal is no stranger to anyone remotely interested in the wines of Portugal. On their website, the vast array of Portuguese wine regions are all represented, including Madeira. I was surprised to learn that they have a specific website built just for the UK marketplace, as well as a venue for this on Facebook. The URL leads one to a website focused on the consumer and the trade. There’s a ton of information at your fingertips and with lots of our readership coming from England and surrounding countries, I have a feeling this will become a very useful link for our newsletter recipients.

As an inter-professional organization with locations in key markets like Brazil, UK and the USA, the depth of content in ViniPortugal’s website kept me searching through the various pages with news, blogs, a newsletter, video gallery and many other high quality features and articles available.

A very cool feature on ViniPortugal’s UK website provides a strong search engine which helps the consumer find Portuguese table wines, Port and Madeira available for purchase. It not only lists the stockists, but has a great map so the consumer can search by location as well as by entering the wine name, the producer or even an importer/agent. This is the first time I’ve seen this and although it doesn’t show prices like, it is a treasure trove for finding a specific Port or Portuguese wine.

I am going to do more research, as I have yet to see a USA equivalent, but think it would be extremely useful to have a very similar format for the USA, if not all of North America. If you haven’t already discovered this website and are looking for a place to help locate wines available in your area of the United Kingdom, take a good look at ViniPortugal UK’s excellent site.  (Update 2014:  this site has been removed and the Portuguese ViniPortugal site now has an English Language option.)

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