Website of the Month – Association of Port Wine Companies

This month's website is the AEVP . The AEVP website is fantastic, however the English version is under construction and as soon as it is available, I will make sure to help promote their efforts.

Believe it or not, the AEVP that I am referencing, has nothing to do with the American Equine Veterinarian Practitioners, that just so happens to use the same letters. Then again if you try the website, you’ll wind up with For the Love of Pets. There must be something more than coincidental about Port related acronyms and animal related websites.

Anyway, AEVP (Associação das Empresas de Vinho do Porto) is an acronym that best translates to the Association of Port Wine Companies, which is actually an organization (non-profit) which consists of many Port wine exporting companies (shippers/producers). The AEVP acts as the promotional arm and protects the commercial interests of its members. Additionally, the AEVP’s role also extends to the promotion of the Port wine lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia, which are current members of the Association. They also utilize an independent auditor to ensure the quality and safety of the Port Lodges (visitor centers) for the benefit of the tourist and trade guests.

For now, here is one excellent piece of the AEVP’s website that I think will fascinate any serious Port lover. It is a listing of Port companies and the corresponding Vintage Ports that they produced, set in an at-a-glance format, available as a downloadable PDF - Lista de Vintages Declarados 1900-2000. There are a couple of omissions in the list, but it is about as good as any I’ve seen. I suggest that you increase the size from the current 63% to 100% and you’ll then see all of the vintages from 1900-2000 with three dozen producers represented.

I’d like to thank the AEVP for their tireless work and for putting such a wonderful resource at our fingertips. I look forward to visiting their English version of the website so that I can save myself many hours of painstaking translations.

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