Website of the Month: Broadbent Selections

Over the past few years, with rare exceptions, I’ve typically avoided recommending websites of Port & Madeira producers, importers, agents and distributors. I prefer to provide interesting Portuguese cultural sites if I don’t have any unique Port related websites that come my way. This month, I’ve chosen the website of a US importer of Port & Madeira, which happens to also be the producer of Port & Madeira. There are only a few companies in America that fit this description.

This one just happens to belong to a close friend of mine, Bartholomew Broadbent, so let’s get that disclosed right up front. In addition to Port and Madeira, this importer only brings in exclusive small production wine products from family-owned operations around the world. I’ve known Broadbent for about 15 years now, when he was one of the key individuals working for the Symington Family, spreading the word of Port throughout the US and Canada faster than the speed of light. After branching out and starting up his own import company, Broadbent Selections, Inc. in 1996, Bartholomew has never lost sight of his passion for Port and Madeira and not only do I consider him a close friend, but a mentor.

Back in early 1994, it was a humble letter to him from yours truly, which enhanced my very first visit to Portugal and assured me of being received as a VIP at various Port properties and introduced to the leaders of the Port trade at The Factory House. In gratitude I present the Broadbent website which is chock full of information on Port and Madeira as well as a broad selection of other fine wines. Have a look at the list of achievements by both Bartholomew and his renowned father Michael Broadbent and you’ll gain a better understanding of their devotion to Port, Madeira and Douro wine … and wine in general.

In North America, Broadbent imports Ferreira Ports and Ferreirinha Douro wines, the entire portfolio of Quinta do Crasto as well as the Broadbent selection of Vinho Verde, Ports and Madeira. There’s a lot of great educational material on their website and I hope you will enjoy the perusal:

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