Website of the Month – Madeira Wine Guide

Are you ready to check out the greatest Madeira website in existence? It is a work in progress, yet as far as I am concerned the Madeira Wine Guide simply offers the best and most accurate information on Madeira anywhere on the internet.

This quintessential Madeira website makes for a great read for neophyte and expert alike, especially with a glass of your favorite Madeira close at hand. You can literally spend a week learning about Madeira, never leaving this website. Visit The Madeira Wine Guide and enjoy!

Dr. Peter Reutter who specializes in internal medicine, lives in Germany and along with his brother Hans, (who runs the website from a suburb of Seattle) they’re the creative minds behind this site. Peter has been a Madeira lover since he first visited the island in 1995. Having tasted a 1936 Borges Boal, Peter was hooked, although his passion and taste for great Madeira has continued to evolve. Dr. Reutter’s early fascination became a serious endeavor and he continued to explore and learn while keeping a record of his experiences and the information he had gathered in a book written in German. His translation efforts led to the creation of what we now know as the Madeira Wine Guide. Hans developed the site in his basement during 2001 and 2002 and has also created some very sophisticated games on his own website. Today, the two brothers along with a friend in Germany and FTLOP Forum member, Reidar “resident Madeira expert” Andersen, keep the Madeira Wine Guide website growing with extraordinary volumes of comprehensive information on Madeira. Currently they are in the midst of a major update of the site which is being converted to a BLOG format, with three entirely new chapters being added. All this is taking place while Peter and his wife are in the midst of awaiting the birth of their fourth child. That is dedication!

When I asked Peter what was his all-time favorite Madeira, he replied unequivocally: 1846 Blandy’s Terrantez. He went on to recount his story about that particular Madeira moment of epiphany: “The bottle was in a rather bad shape and leaking a little from the flight of the Atlantic Ocean, so I expected very little from the wine. When I opened it, the smell of it filled the complete in room in less then a minute. The wine was so concentrated that my father who helped me recorking several bottles at that day started coughing. For me the taste was acidity, richness and concentration in perfection. Until then I had not thought a taste so intense would be possible. I remember that I kept the empty glass as a room deodorant for two more days.”

If you enjoy Madeira and have a look at the Madeira Wine Guide I can assure you that you will add it to your “favorite places.” Join me in wishing Dr. and Mrs. Reutter, a very healthy new born baby. A toast of great Madeira is certainly appropriate!

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