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It is no secret that ZEV ROBINSON is involved in producing the quintessential documentary aptly named, LIFE ON THE DOURO. In fact, he’s already invested over a month of his own time and money to travel across the region during the course of four trips and will soon be heading to the Douro again, for another couple of interview opportunities. Zev has created several important wine related docu-films in recent years and lives in Spain, which provides him with easy access to Portugal. In the upcoming Life on the Douro, Zev has collected an extraordinary array of footage during all seasons of the year and in addition to holding screening events, his ultimate goal is to see this film shown on television to reach a broader audience in promoting the history, food, wine and people of the Douro.

Zev explains, “I have just finished an early rough cut of Life on the Douro and now can reflect on it, then go back and edit it some more. This process happens with every film, but Life on the Douro is a most complex project dealing with the founding of the region in the 18th century, its re-birth when it joined the European Union in 1986, and the current situation including the relationship between Port and still wines, the many regulations governing the region, and how these are all interwoven.”

Mr. Robinson elaborates on the task at hand, “Now I have to decide on how to tighten it up and make it all clear to future viewers with little knowledge of Porto and the Douro as well as interesting for those who know it well. Many of the interviewees talk about two or three centuries of their family history as if they had lived it personally, and my challenge is to bring that history to life as embodied by those people I have had the privilege to meet. The film is due to be released in September, with screenings being scheduled for the US and Europe and hopefully elsewhere over the coming year.”

If you have yet to watch this second trailer from Zev’s upcoming film, it is required viewing!

Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFeEJllDJ-I

For any inquiries about the film, please contact: [email protected]

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