Often referred to as the “Poor man’s Vintage Port” because they emulate the qualities of a Vintage Port but are a fraction of the price. Crusted Ports are blends of at least two or more vintage years that age in wood for up to four years, bottled, and then ideally aged at least another three years in bottle before release.  Crusted Ports are left unfiltered and are intended to be aged in bottle for midterm cellaring (10-20 years). Crusted Ports are not often seen today outside of the UK, as LBVs have all but replaced them, especially in the US marketplace. They offer good quality at typically very good prices, and will need to be decanted just like a Vintage Port to remove the sediment (or “crust”). A little known Crusted Port factoid: Like VP, Crusted Porto must get used to its storage conditions and initially will throw more of a "crust", and then it will slow down as it acclimates to its surroundings and will continue to slowly mature. In the USA, Dow is about the only Crusted Port easily found, but Quinta do Noval makes an excellent version and going on trusted friend’s opinions, I’ll recommend Smith Woodhouse, Churchill’s and Martinez’ Crusted Port.