Velhissima Verdelho Tasting

Roy's account of possibly the finest and oldest lineup of Verdelho ever assembled: eighteen historic bottles spanning vintages from 1890 back to 1748, with his meticulous tasting notes. In addition, Mannie Berk contributed "Reexamining Verdelho" and notes on the provenance of each wine, and Richard Mayson has written about "The Verdelho Grape" and "The Distribution of Madeira's Vineyards Today."

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Madeira Video Recommendation

Evocative video of the Transcendental Terrantez Tasting, made by Hans Reutter just for FTLOP. Wish you were there?

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Madeira: Island Vineyard

John Danza reviews Madeira, The Island Vineyard, written by Noel Cossart in 1984 and updated in 2011 by Emanual (Manny) Berk of The Rare Wine Company. The book was, and continues to be in its new edition, the single best introduction to Madeira wines.

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