Isaac Oelgart FTLOP Offer

Isaac Oelgart, publisher of The Port Lover’s Library and collector extraordinaire of all things Vinho do Porto, is liquidating his collection of books and ephemera related to Port. Read the full catalogue here and details of a special offer to FTLOP subscribers.

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The Fajã dos Padres: Madeira’s Historic Vineyard is Experiencing a Renaissance

Guest author Tom Murnan writes about his visit to the Fajã dos Padres on Madeira with the FTLOP 2012 Fortification Tour.

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Richard Mayson’s: Port and the Douro

The long-awaited third edition of Richard Mayson's Port and The Douro has been released. This indispensable reference has been updated to reflect the current state of the trade, viticultural practices, and current assessments of all major vintages up to 2011.

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