Cais de Fado

The event Cais de Fado celebrated the uniquely Portuguese Fado music with free performances by both established and newer artists, including the legendary Mariza.

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Adegga Wine Market Comes to Porto

The Adegga Wine Market came to Porto this weekend, and featured, of course, some extraordinary Port Wines in the Premium Room.

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A Weekend of Wine Shows In Porto

This past weekend saw two wine shows in Porto: the headline Essência do Vinho and the breakaway independent producer tasting Simplesmente Vinho.

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Ramos Pinto at the Vancouver International Wine Festival

Guest Author Blair Curtis reports from the 2013 Vancouver International Wine Festival, where he enjoyed the Ramos Pinto table wines and Ports, as well an array of Vintage Ports from a private tasting which Roy was invited to lead.

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Jan. 27th 2012 – International #PortDay

The Center for Wine Origins is sponsoring an International #PortDay and asking everyone who loves Port to promote it that Day. FTLOP is challenging its readers to promote and host their own unique events that day and potentially win a trip to the Douro.

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The Great Families of Madeira

Guest Author Marco de Freitas reports on a special dinner and tasting featuring some rare Madeira wines from the private cellars of well known Madeira producer families.

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International Port Day

The Center for Wine Origins is sponsoring #PortDay and Roy challenges his readers to host a Port focussed event... and enter to win a trip to the Douro wine region!

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From Madeira to USA: Five Major Producers

Guest Author Richard Jennings reports on a trade tasting of Madeira wines, including tasting notes for over 40 commercially available Madeiras.

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FTLOP 6th Anniversary Celebration

FTLOP's Sixth Anniversary provided an occasion to celebrate with fellow Port lovers with fine Goan food and 15 bottles of Port and Madeira.

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Life on the Douro Screenings

Details of US and Canadian screenings of Zev Robinson's film Life On The Douro.

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