Douro Boys Cuvée

The Douro Boys, an auction and their Cuvée 2005 magnum madness!

Five years ago, five wild and crazy guys who just happen to own Port and Douro wine properties in the Valley, banded together and started to market their reds, whites and Port in a collaborative effort. No petty jealousies, no competitiveness, just good friends helping each other to spread the word about the great quality of wines coming out of the Douro Valley in Portugal.

In a celebration of their 5th anniversary, the five Douro boys decided it would be fun to put together the best wines from each of their Quintas and make a very special Cuvée, in this case from the fabulous 2005 vintage. Not only would this winemaking group effort produce a wine worth cellaring, but they produced exactly 500 very special MAGNUM bottles. The bad news is that these bottles are not for sale, per se. The very good news is that they will be auctioned off, 30 November 2007 at a live event held in the Douro. There are all kinds of mixed lots and outings with the Douro Boys “live and in person” that can be bid on. So bid on one bottle or 60 at a time, however, once these 500 Magnums are gone (and they WILL go quickly) the chase is over!


Cristiano van Zeller from Quinta do Vale Dona Maria
Francisco Olazabal from Quinta do Vale Meao
Guilherme and Joao Alvares Ribeiro from Quinta do Vallado
Jorge Roquette from Quinta do Crasto
Dirk van der Niepoort from Niepoort

For more information on the Douro Boys, their Cuvée 2005 or the auction lots, please check their website which provides all the necessary details on how to participate from anywhere in the world visit The Douro Boys website.

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