Website of the Month – CataVino

All too often I find Port sites that are either not kept up to date or even some that are seemingly abandoned. Here is one that is always kept current and I have tremendous respect for the quality and depth of information available there.

Over the years, many websites come and go. I try to offer up other Port websites that I find interesting. Occasionally the recommended sites are dealing with art, books or even food that is related to Port and occasionally Douro wines or Madeira too. This is not the first time I have recommended CataVino, a site administered by husband and wife team Ryan and Gabriella Opaz who live in Spain. But it has been a long time and there is a ton of great new features that have been added in the past year. CataVino has been at it several years and the Opaz’s dedicate a lot of their personal energy into producing a very well rounded website.

The CataVino website specializes in the wines of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain as their primary focus and lots of solid information on Portuguese wine as well). In addition to the website, Ryan pens a very well written blog which you will easily find on the site. During the month of November, they’ve featured Port wines and I would definitely recommend reading that entire section.

Additionally, there is a fine article on the popularity of Ports in the UK. It is an enjoyable read and I hope just the beginning of your exploration of Ryan and Gabriella’s excellent site.

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