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The IVBAM is the regulatory organization that is responsible for several sectors of commerce on the island of Madeira as illustrated below. The Madeira Wine Institute (IVM) was established in 1979, 560 years after João Gonçalves Zarco discovered the island of Madeira in 1419. In June 2006, the Institute merged with that of the other sectors and was renamed the IVBAM:

I = Instituto

V = Vinho - Wine

B = Bordado - Embroidery

A = Artesanto - Artesan tapestries and handicrafts, such as wicker

M = Madeira

Although all of the above products are of importance for IVBAM -- Madeira, the wine with the name of an island and the island with the name of a wine … well, watch this video from their site:

The rest of this comprehensive website goes into great detail about the wine from the island. Listings of the grape types, production methods, producers, statistical analysis … it is all there. Would you like to understand more about the regulatory functions of the IVBAM, the organoleptic tasting panel, the promotion of this beverage or supervision of the viticulture? If you want to learn more about the vinification process, the fortification, best way to store your bottles or how long Madeira can age; it can all be found in a simple to read site map. Whether you’re a Madeira novice or more serious Madeira aficionado, I hope you’ll take the time to watch the video above.

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