FTLOP Madeira Roadshow

Given the success of our three Madeira tasting events last year, I am convinced that we need to forge ahead with two more in 2008. The previous “road show” venues took place in Seattle, New York City and Washington DC. Each of these Madeira parties encompassed a seminar-like tasting, followed by a delicious dinner attended by 16 serious Madeira enthusiasts from all corners of America.

The venues chosen for 2008 will be San Francisco and New York City. The first tasting dinner will be held in San Francisco, on Thursday, April 3rd at Plumpjack restaurant. There will be room for 14 guests and at least half of the spots are already spoken for. One unique point of difference this year is that I am including a very special musical performance to accompany dinner. Anybody who is interested in attending this event, please email me directly: [email protected]

We are very selective about the bottles in the lineup, as they must fit certain parameters and align with other bottles within the flow of the tasting. Seats are very limited at this point and in addition to a stellar bottle of Madeira and a solid dinner wine, the entry fee for the all inclusive dinner (tasting, meal, tip, tax, music and glass rentals) is $175. I organize these as strictly not-for-profit events, held solely for the love of Madeira and to perpetuate the advancement of one of America’s oldest and most traditional drinks.

As for the musical interlude, of course the music is Fado, and it will be our pleasure to listen to this heartfelt music which is centered in the Alfama district of Lisbon … but found throughout Portugal. Ramana Vieira has an impressive musical background and what more do I need to say (to Fado fans) except that five years ago she opened for a Mariza concert. Her parents are from Madeira and she has pretty much dedicated her whole being to music and especially Fado.

NYC will be the 2nd venue this year, as we go bi-coastal. This tasting will be held during the second half of October 2008, as it is far more enjoyable to drink Madeira during the cooler weather. We’ll have a different theme arranged for this occasion and fine wines to accompany dinner for those still seeking something to quench their thirst. Keep your eyes peeled to the newsletter for specific venues, dates and times.

There are far too few opportunities to evaluate and enjoy this many great old Madeira’s in one sitting!

Care to join us?

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