Barbeito: The Epitome of Madeira

  The title of this text is a bold statement, I am aware of that. And, as all bold statements, it will surely raise some eyebrows.  Yet, I stand proudly by it. In my view, Barbeito is currently the best Madeira wine producer, and the reason behind the hype around this producer is almost entirely [...]

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Musing about Madeira: Colheita

A quick aside, Colheita Madeira unlike Colheita Port (the latter of which requires 7 years in wood) but with Madeira, Colheita rules have required a minimum of six years in neutral cask, since the category was created in the early-mid-1990s. In the new regulations passed in 2015, that was changed to where Colheita Madeira now [...]

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Olympus, or a Nectar Named Madeira

Water everywhere. Around, over and within, it flows in an endless circle of rebirth. It is the very nature of the island of Madeira. It flows from the high mountains down to the sea, along streams and cascades, along the roads and valleys. But it also runs down in the “levadas”, water pathways built by [...]

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