Viticulturist / Oenologist Miles Edlmann Makes a Move

Miles Edlmann has never been one to care about garnering publicity or accolades for his many achievements, although he played an important role for his previous employer. Miles spent over a decade working for the Symington Family Estates, heading up their viticultural team and vinifying Warre’s Quinta da Cavadinha Vintage Ports.

Having Miles as our host while visiting Cavadinha in late April, (with our group of Port Explorer’s) the realization has now set in that it was the last time I’d get to see him there. Miles decided he is ready for a change and wanted to explore new career challenges, so he found an exciting new position, although outside of the delimited Douro region’s boundaries.

Edlmann is the new Director of Production for family-owned Valle Pradinhos which was established in 1913. This fine DOC Transmontano and Regional Transmontano wine producer possesses 350 hectares. Miles recently wrote, “I'm looking forward to the freedom to unleash my slightly non-conformist approach to viticulture. But I will be running the winery as well, getting back to table wines after five harvests at Roriz. We have a new viticultural team in place and changes are already underway.”

Miles is a serious “terroirist” in every sense of the word and also looks to impart a natural approach to his work in the vineyards and will bring his minimalist touch to the wines he produces at Valle Pradinhos in the future. We wish him the best of luck in his new position and we will keep up with his progress and learn more about Valle Pradinhos.

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