An Affair to Remember: 1851 – 1994

A group of close friends decided to enjoy some sensational old Vintage Ports on a special occasion and invited Roy to join them. Extraordinary wines, memories and new friendships.

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The Matriarch of Madeira: A Tribute to Dona Manuela Barbeito

The Rare Wine Co. and Vinhos Barbeito team up again for another memorable tasting of rare Madeiras, this time in honour of Vinhos Barbeito's former winemaker Dona Manuela Barbeito.

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Velhissima Verdelho Tasting

Roy's account of possibly the finest and oldest lineup of Verdelho ever assembled: eighteen historic bottles spanning vintages from 1890 back to 1748, with his meticulous tasting notes. In addition, Mannie Berk contributed "Reexamining Verdelho" and notes on the provenance of each wine, and Richard Mayson has written about "The Verdelho Grape" and "The Distribution of Madeira's Vineyards Today."

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Great Tasting Of The Vintage 1978

Swedish Port lover Sten-Anders IvarssonĀ“s article focuses on a comprehensive tasting of thirty Vintage Ports from the unheralded, but very solid year of 1978.

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Dow’s “Magnathon” Tasting

Guest Author Andy Velebil reports from a truly epic tasting in London: six Magnums of Dow's, a Magnum of Warre's, a few more Port treats and a steak and fries too.

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A Horizontal Followed by a Vertical

Frequent guest contributor Blair Curtis reports on a vertical and then a horizontal... and as he disclaims, this is not about waking up in the morning, it is about two amazing tastings of Vintage Ports.

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Madeira Video Recommendation

Evocative video of the Transcendental Terrantez Tasting, made by Hans Reutter just for FTLOP. Wish you were there?

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Preaching Port & Madeira in the ATL

Leading tastings of Madeira and Port in Atlanta, GA is a pleasure for Roy, given the city's fine wine and dining scene, and the enthusiasm of the wine lovers there.

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Fonseca-Guimaraens Tasting – Royal Air Force Club

Andy Velebil reports from London on an epic tasting of Fonseca-Guimaraens Ports, a total of 33 bottles.

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The Great Families of Madeira

Guest Author Marco de Freitas reports on a special dinner and tasting featuring some rare Madeira wines from the private cellars of well known Madeira producer families.

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