For The Love of Port Video Gallery

Have you visited the For The Love Of Port Video Gallery?  We have collected a wide variety of videos about Port, Madeira and Portugal which have been categorised for easy reference:

  • Douro Wines – videos primarily about the table wines of the Douro
  • FTLOP – featuring Roy or filmed at or including FTLOP sponsored events
  • In Portuguese – videos on any subject with Portuguese audio
  • Madeira – videos about either the island or the wines of Madeira
  • Port Wine – you guessed it – about Port Wine or winemakers primarily
  • The Region – videos about Porto, the Douro, or Portugal, more touristic in nature

Right now, we have almost 40 videos, and of course a few are cross linked under more than one category tab, and we are always looking for more.

We just uploaded a couple of vintage film clips, one of which is too good to miss: British Pathé’s Harvest of the Sun.  Filmed during the harvest in 1936… can you recognise any of the quintas?

We will give you a couple days to post your comments below where you think this was filmed, and then I will post again to let you know what we think, and post some photos of those same areas now.

If you know of any good videos you think should be part of the FTLOP gallery, please let us know.  Post a comment below, or via the Forum, or email me any time at: cynthia AT fortheloveofport  DOT com, or through the PM function on the Forum.

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