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Isaac Oelgart, of The Port Lover’s Library is pleased to offer the readers of FTLOP a selection of New, Used, Out-of-Print and Rare Books on Port Wine. The PLL will offer FTLOP patrons a 10% discount on their purchases for taking part in the greatest Port site on the web!  Let Isaac know you’ve read about his endeavor here and he’ll apply your discount to all of your book orders.

The Douro Series is a series of historic reprints on the History, Production, Distribution, Enjoyment and Literature of Port Wine. They are modestly priced and each title is limited from 60 to 240 numbered copies for sale. They are reproduced xerographically on high quality neutral pH (acid free) paper and are hand sewn with linen or silk thread into archival card cover wrappers. Size varies from 6 X 4 to 9 x 6 inches.

OLD PORT WINE IN NEW YORK. By Charles Bellows. 1901. Limited to 240 numbered copies, printed in red & black. Tipped in label (sic), hand sewn, printed paper wrapper. 8.5 X 5.25. 6pp. 1997       $15.00A series of brief newspaper articles/ notices by wine and spirit merchant Charles Bellows, now published together for the first time.
PORT AND THE EMPIRE. By H. Warner Allen. Circa 1925. Limited to 180 numbered copies for sale. Hand sewn, printed paper wrapper.8.5 X 5.25. ii,(1)-25pp. 1997.       $20.00

H.Warner Allen’s rarest and most expensive work almost never offered for public sale in the original.

OPORTO ET ES VINS. By Alfred Smyth. Paris. 1900. Limited to 180 numbered copies. Hand sewn, printed paper wrapper. 8.5 X 5.25.ii,(1)-20pp. Illus. map. 1999. Translated from the French. 1999.       $20.00

 The Original was produced for the Paris Exposition of 1900.


The White Paper Series is a series of historic reprints of a more technical or statistical nature, appealing to the more dedicated or erudite collector. They are modestly priced and each title is limited to 100 copies for sale. They are reproduced xerographically on high quality neutral pH (acid free) paper and are wire stitched into archival card cover wrappers. Sizes vary.

THE OPENING OF THE DOURO WINE TRADE Presented to both Houses of Parliament, 1866. 12pp. Wire stitched. 100 copies. 2000       $15.00
REPORT ON THE PORT WINE TRADE IN OPORTO Foreign Office Miscellaneous Series. 103. 1893. 12pp. Wire Stitched. Limited to 100 copies. 2002       $15.00


The Portonian Series of contemporary original works, are specially commissioned works by individuals from within the Port Trade or by writers who write about the Port Wine. These are offset printed in two or three colors in a larger more handsome format, 10 X 7nches, with ample margins. They feature intelligent typography, very good neutral pH paper, high quality neutral pH covers, printed paper labels and are hand sewn with linen or silk thread. They are limited to 240 numbered copies for sale and are hand numbered by the publisher and signed by their respective author. The titles are self explanatory.

REMINISCIENCES OF A PORT SHIPPER 1930 to 1975. By Wyndham Fletcher. Strictly limited to 286 numbered and signed copies, of which 240 are for sale. 10 X 7. Printed in three colors on Mohawk 100 pound Vellum Text, hand-sewn with linen thread into stiff 100 # Curtis Flannel Cover, printed paper label. 1997       $40.00
PORT IN A STORM 1945-2000. By Richard Mayson. Strictly limited to 286 numbered and signed copies, of which 240 are for sale.10 X 7. Printed in three colors on Mohawk 100 pound Vellum Text, hand-sewn with linen thread into stiff 100 pound Curtis Flannel Cover, printed paper label. 2001.       $40.00
REMINISCIENCES OF A PORT SHIPPER. THE NEXT GENERATION, 1960-99. By Peter Cobb. Strictly limited to 286 numbered and signed copies, of which 240 are for sale.10 X 7. Printed in three colors on 80# Mohawk Vellum text paper, hand-sewn with linen thread into 100# Curtis Cover, printed paper label. 2003.       $40.00


New, Used, Rare and Out-of-Print Books on the Great Port Wines of the Douro. All books are in good or better condition, in original hardcover bindings and include their dust jackets unless otherwise stated. Some books are duplicates from my collection and may have my port bookplate.

Bolitho, Hector. THE WINE OF THE DOURO London. Sidgwick & Jackson. 1956. First edition. (1)-23pp. plus 18 pages of black & white photos. Dj.       $35.00

A nicely done photo essay that captures the essence of the Douro of the period.

Bradford, Sarah. THE ENGLISHMAN'S WINE. THE STORY OF PORT. London. Macmillian.1969. First edition. (1)-208. Illustrated in black & white. Pictorial endpapers.       $75.00

Sarah Bradford’s book is the first 20th century general history of Port and as such does a fairly good job. Certainly enough to satisfy the general reader, errors and omissions included.

Another. 1978. Paperback       $20.00

Another. Hardcover, no dj, VF       $50.00


Cockburn. Ernst PORT WINE AND OPORTO. London. Wine & Spirit Publications. ND. Circa 1950. First edition. (6),1-132pp. Illustrated in black and white from photographs. Large foldout panoramic frontispiece and other foldout plates. Maroon Cloth, with gilt letter. No dj. F.A. Cockburn’s copy with his bookplate.       $500.00

A very informative and somewhat chatty book with notes on Vintage from 1860 to 1938 and lots of great illustrations with a 36 inch foldout frontispiece, quite. Scarce,


Croft, John. A TREATISE ON THE WINES OF PORTUGAL. York. 1788. IVP Facsimile reprint. 1940. 32pp. Wrappers. Limited edition , Numbered copy. Fine condition,. Scarce.       $300.00Croft’s is the earliest work on Port in English, original of the 1787 and 1788 editions a seldom meet with at any price.. The limited edition IVP reprint of 1940 is increseaingly difficult to find,
Croft-Cooke, Rupert. PORT. London. Putnam. First edition. 219pp. Endpaper maps. Illus       $75.00

 An all around good book and companion volume to his Sherry and Madeira volumes.


Fletcher, Wyndham. PORT. AN INTRODUCTION TO ITS HISTORY AND DELIGHTS Lond. Sotheby Parke Bernet. 1978. First. (x),(1)-124pp. Illustrated in color and b & w, decorative endpapers.       $50.00

Another. 1981. 2nd printing.       $35.00

Another. Ex Lib reading copy.       $25.00

Fletcher, who was with Cockburn’s writes with charm and wit in a very British manner, a must have.


Fonseca, A Moreira da, et al. PORT WINE. NOTES ON ITS HISTORY PRODUCTION & TECHNOLOGY. Porto.1981. 171pp. Hardcover. Well illustrated. A few pages dam wrinkled. DJ.       $35.00
Forrester, Joseph James. MAP OF THE WINE DISTRICT OF THE ALTO DOURO. Adapted and published by the House of Commons. Royston & Brown. Printers. 1853 as published in the Oliveria Prize essay. Folded as issued. Fine condition. 39 x 19.5 inches.       $1250.00Worthy of proper matting and framing. This is an original mid 19th century example, rarely offered for sale. Makes an excellent piece for the wine library.
Howkins, Ben. RICH, RED AND RARE. London. Heinemann & IWFS. 1982. First edition.xv,1-169 pp. Illustrated in black & white.       $35.00

Howkins’ is a good general work and deserves a place in any wine library.

Instituto do Vinho Do Porto. PORT WINE IN 1991. 42pp. Illustrated with Color charts. Stiff glossy wrapper.       $25.00
Instituto do Vinho Do Porto. THE GUARANTEE OF A SYMBOL. PORT WINE. 16pp. Illus. In color. Stiff wrapper.       $20.00
Instituto do Vinho Do Porto. TOAST YOUR FRIENDS IN PORT. Porto. ND, circa 1934.IVP. (i), (1)-27pp. Printed in red and black. Fold out card covers with photographic illustrations. Printed card wrappers scarce first IVP pamphlet       $50.00
Instituto do Vinho Do Porto. PORT COMES FROM OPORTO IN PORTUGAL ONLY. IVP. Oporto. ND circa. 1933. Small 4pp pamphlet, sewn with red cord, nicely printed in 3 colors. Early IVP item.       $50.00
Instituto do Vinho Do Porto. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PORT. In three Parts. Oporto. 1945, 1947, 1952. Photocopy of about 500 pages, bound in1952. Over 500 pages. Xerox copy, bound. This is a working copy and not a facsimile .Very comprehensive for its time.       $75.00
Iocca, Pasquale. PORTO. A Portuguese Creation, A British Discover, An American Passion. N.Y. 28pp wraps. color illus.       $15.00
Jefford, Andrew. PORT AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE CLASSIC DRINK N.Y. Exeter Books. 1988. First edition. 1-93 pp. Illustrated in color. Pictorial boards, no dj as issued.       $25.00
Knox, Oliver. CROFT A JOURNEY OF CONFIDENCE. Lond. Collins. 1978. 1st ed.. 40pp. Illus       $75.00
Liddell, A & Janet Price. PORT WINE QUINTAS OF THE DOURO. Lond. Sotheby's.1992. 232pp. illus in color.       $150.00One of my favorite Port books and quite difficult to find.
Lima, Jose Joaquim Da Costa. A FEW WORDS ABOUT PORT. Porto. IVP. 1939. Second printing. 31pp. illustrated. foldouts, printed in two colors, printed paper wrapper.. Binding chipped.       $35.00

Another. 1956 edition.       $25.00

Mathieson, Neil. PORT. Chartwell Books. 1999. First American edition. 96pp .illus.       $20.00
Mayson, Richard. PORT & THE DOURO. London. England. Faber & Faber. 1999.xvi,1-320pp. Illustrated in black and white from watercolors by Leo Duff and in color from photographs. Maps. 8.75 X 5.5. Limited to 75 numbered and signed copies. Cloth over boards.       $75.00

This is a privately produced limited edition of the Faber & Faber edition which was published only in paperback. The best book on Port in recent times, Highly recommended.

Mayson, Richard. THE STORY OF DOW'S PORT. 1798-1998. Segrave Foulkes, for Dow's Port. 1998.
[1]-70pp. 8.5 X 10. Black cloth over boards with silver lettering. Simulated vellum dust jacket with black printing. Numerous black and white color illustrations from photograph. The front end papers feature the Dow's family tree, the rear end papers features two maps.       $50.00Not just for the Port lover, this is an excellent account of Dow's history, its products together with an account of its Vintages beginning in1891. The Vintage accounts are worth the price of admission. A nicely done book as well.
Ray, Cyril. THE HOUSE OF WARRE 1670-1970. A 300 year old Tradition. NP, ND, Circa 1970 pictorial end papers, printed pictorial paper over boards, no dj. Illus in color and b&w. Maps.       $75.00

 A somewhat light weight book, by a well known wine writer and getting hard to find.

Robertson, George. PORT. Lond. Faber & Faber. 1978. First, 188pp. Line drawings. dj bit faded, with closed tear.       $50.00
Another. Third edition 1987.       $25.00

 Robertson’s of Croft has written a book well deserving of shelf space.

Simon. Andre. PORT. Lond. Constable & Co. 1934. First. 130pp. no dj       $50.00

Simon covers material , not generally covered in other Port books and is a good read in the Simon manner. A must have for both Port and General wine libraries.

Simon, Andre. PORT. 1949. first. 15pp. map. Maroon paper boards.       $15.00

Another. 1951 edition. Spine lightly chipped       $7.50

A very brief and light weight account, but Simon has a legion of followers.

Spence, Godfry. THE PORT COMPANION. Macmillian. 1997. First American edition.. Illus.       $20.00

 A popular account of Port and a good value.

Suckling, James. VINTAGE PORT...The Ultimate Guide for Consumers, Collector's and Investors. Wine Spectator Press. 1990. First edition. (1)-339, (xvi). Illustrated in color and b&w .Very fine copy.       $125.00

Another. Second edition. Very fine copy. 1992.       $75.00

Consider by many to be the Vintage Port bible, albeit somewhat dated. In lieu of recent developments in viniculture and winemaking.

Tait, Geoffrey M. PRACTICAL HANDBOOK ON PORT WINE. London. Harper & Co. 1925. First. (ix),(1) 60pp. Illustrated from photographs. Binding a bit worn, Spine frayed. Minor wear, signed and dated by the author.       $250.00
Tait, G.M. PORT FROM THE VINE TO THE GLASS. London. Harper & Co. 1936. First edition. 174pp. Illustrated. Introduction by Ernest Cockburn. Binding is a bit soiled.       $250.00

Both of Tait’s books are well deserving of shelf space and are increasingly more difficult to find.

Todd, Wm.J. PORT How to Buy , Serve, Store, and Drink it. Lond. Cape. 1926. First edition. Vintage charts       $150.00

Another. 1926. 2nd impression, no dj.       $75.00

A lovely little book that was one of the first to address the subject of Port from the buying, serving, storing point of view.

Valente-Perfeito, J.C. LET'S TALK ABOUT PORT. Oporto. IVP. 1948. First edition. xxxiii, (1)-101. Illustrated in black & white. d.j. Signed by the Author.       $50.00

Another. No dj, signed by the author       $40.00

Another. No dj, not signed.       $25.00

A very general account, meant as introduction to Port by the Director of the IVP for promoting Port.

Vizetelly, Henry. FACTS ABOUT PORT AND MADEIRA. London, England. Peter Willis. 1990. Limited to 510 numbered copies. [xvi],[1]-211, pages of adds. 8 X 5.75 inches. Embossed green cloth over boards with rules and designs printed in black with gilt lettering a gilt vignette on the front cover. Blind stamping on rear cover.       $90.00Originally published in 1880. Willis did an outstanding job of reprinting this classic work. Indeed, he defined 'quality' in producing this facsimile! There is another reprint of this work, which in contrasts to Willis' work is quite poor. Even though more expensive than the other reprint I highly recommend this reprint over the other. If your primary interest is in Port, as mine is, this edition is a must.


All books are shipped at cost at the buyer’s choice of shipping, with insurance and tracking (required). Books may be returned within seven days of receipt for any reason for a refund, credit or exchange. Isaac can be contacted at the PLL by telephone 8:00am to 11:00 pm E.S.T. at (603) 443-6159 or by email: isaacoelgart AT gmail DOT com or by mail at: 162 Poverty Lane, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766 U.S.A.  For The Love of Port is not responsible for typographical errors.

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