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This isn’t news to anybody who has followed FTLOP for at least the last six months. We have been big supporters of Zev Robinson and his brilliant and historic art film: LIFE ON THE DOURO.

Although we completed a 3-city tour in CA, screening the film in Los Angeles, San Francisco and at the Paso Robles Film Festival, it has also been shown in the Douro at their own film festival, in Toronto at a film festival as well and more recently, Cologne in Germany.

This spring, Zev is planning to show his documentary in NYC and then he will head back to Europe for screenings in Amsterdam, Porto, London and possibly other cities still to be determined. In addition, Zev has attracted the attention of a large documentary film distributor that is looking to have the film expanded into a six-part series and the details will be released as soon as the ink is dry.

I have committed my own personal resources to tour with Zev this spring to NYC as well as the cities in Europe, as his film is just what the Port and Douro wine trade needs to promote wine and tourism and of course, the people of the Douro.

Together we can attract Port enthusiasts in those areas and FTLOP will appeal to our friends to come out and view the film on the large screen and meet Zev (and me). Hopefully, there will be some support from the Port and Douro wine trade for Zev’s film, so that we can provide tastings of their wines in addition to showing the film widely in the cities where there are key markets.

In April, Zev will be doing some more filming and has asked to come along on the Port Explorer’s Tour to enable some interesting new angles which he’d like to explore, which will provide the extra footage for the aforementioned series. Due to his joining us, we will have some unique privileges during the spring tour and visit some extraordinary places and enjoy some fantastic wines along the way. The opportunity to be part of the expanded version of the film and series is optional, as our guests can be part of it if they would like, or Zev will discretely film and edit individuals out, who would prefer not to be captured in this way. But for those that participated in Feb. 2011, when Zev attended and shot lots of film on our tour, these guests can attest to the low profile Zev kept while filming all but the interviews with people from the Port trade.

Back on point: there will be more news to follow in the next newsletter, however, for now … those of you who just can’t wait to see the film and would prefer to own it, can actually purchase the DVD from Zev quite reasonably. I should mention up front, that I have zero financial participation in the sales of his DVD or anything to do with the screening of his film or any distribution/sales in the future. This is truly about my love for and hopes of being able to further promote the Douro, the Duriense, and in support of the people in the Port trade.

To purchase the DVD version, visit Zev's site for  Life on the Douro.

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