Quinta do Noval

There are two excellent new Port-centric websites that have been released and both deserve your attention. However, I am going to reserve one for next month, so that both receive the proper attention they deserve!

The first is one where everyone knows the name: QUINTA DO NOVAL, the esteemed Port producer that has been around for nearly three centuries and is still going strong. In fact, since its new ownership group AXA that took over in 1993, Noval has done a 180 degree turnabout and is back in the first tier of Port producers, delivering outstanding quality Ports. They also launched Douro wines in 2004 and with every passing harvest, their DOC adventures keep getting better and better. The team of Christian Seely and Antonio Agrellos has been aggressively revitalizing the vineyards, adding new grape varieties, bloc planting and replanting important parcels of the main vineyards.

The website which launched right before the end of January is easy to navigate and filled with lots of important information. There is always a section for the history of the company but there is some new info and it can be accessed in English, French and Portuguese of course. The landing page makes things rather easy, with a very cool video that I highly recommend, in addition to views of the harvest and other facets of what is cultivated on the Noval property, from pigs to almonds to olive oil … it is all there for you to learn about.

Just so you don’t miss out on anything, please check out the drop down menu with the full features by clicking on “NAVIGATION” at the top of the page. Lastly, in the section: “Our Wines” you will find everything you need to know about their Ports and Douro wines, from the most basic Ruby and fairly new Noval Black to their storied Colheitas, LBV’s and Vintages, including Nacional of course. You will likely get lost there for awhile, so pull up a chair and a glass of Port as you won’t want to leave Quinta do Noval’s new website!

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