Quinta do Portal

In the past six to twelve months there has apparently been a great effort by a bunch of prominent Port producers to either update their websites, or totally recreate them from scratch. This month’s recommendation would fall into the latter category, as Quinta do Portal recently released a brand new website.

Having just visited Quinta do Portal in April, our guests were surprised by the sheer size and scope of this producer. With less than 20 years of selling Port and Douro wines under their own label, it was not all that shocking that Portal was virtually unknown to our guests, all of whom are Port consumers and collectors. But, Portal has yet to become a household name like many of the older and more established Port firms. When one considers that Portal sells more than 1.5 million bottles of Port and Douro wines annually, (and I dare say at an impressively high quality level these days) it is hard to understand why they are not far more popular. I have a feeling that their new website might help in promoting their wine “brand” and Quinta property.

The new website’s layout is fairly straight forward and easy-to-use. The homepage contains three main graphics, and a “mouse over” will present an interactive list of Portal’s: wines, their latest news, oeno-tourism including info on their Casa das Pipas hotel, gastronomy and other leisure activities. There is much more to explore on the site, and you can sign up for the Portal newsletter too.

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